Happiness is the Problem (2006-09)

"But, I mean, in order to, to actually do human trials you have to go through all this rigmarole, and rent is due, we don't have time"

Happiness is the Problem is a two-act opera about three struggling roommates in Brooklyn: Julie, Emily, and Maureen. Their fortune begins to change when Julie, a bioanthropsychopharmacologist, discovers an elixir of happiness derived from the secretions of slug mucus, which they bottle and sell as “Euphoressence.”

Happiness is the Problem is dedicated to guitarist, Mary Halvorson. It has been performed at The Stone, Issue Project Room, the Wilmette Theater, (Le) Poisson Rouge, and Roulette.

Music by Jason Cady
Libretto by Nadia Berenstein, Jason Cady, and Amy Cimini